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Australian Red Claw (Cherax quadricarinatus)

Another possible shrimp-like animal that can be cultured in freshwater is the Australian Red Claw Crayfish. It is one of the largest freshwater crayfish in the world. Average market sizes of 50 to 150 grams (1 pound = 454 grams) are achievable in 6-12 months. But they can exceed 300 grams each.

There are several sites on the web with fantastic claims for growth and production of Red Claw. But although Red Claw has potential for aquaculture in the Western Hemisphere in general, or the USA in particular, it has never developed as an industry. To the best of our knowledge, there are no longer any large commercial farms in the Americas.

Perhaps the greatest hurdle in the development of Red Claw culture as an industry is marketability. Pinto & Rouse (1996) suggested it as a substitute for Red Swamp Crayfish (the commercially important native species in the USA) during the summer or peak demand times. It may also succeed as a substitute lobster or as a "baby lobster". But true success as an industry may have to wait until Red Claw is properly marketed as its own unique product, as it is in Australia.

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