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Aquaculture Equipment and Supplies

We offer what we think are the best products around. A few of the most commonly requested items are listed her. But if what you need has anything at all to do with aquaculture, aquaria, or marine science, let us prepare a free quotation.

Aquaculture Livestock

We offer eggs, larvae, juveniles or broodstock for a variety of species. We are experts at live delivery.
Books -- Aquaculture, Aquarium, and Marine Science
We offer a wide variety of helpful books, some of them hard to find from other suppliers. Books are a great help to get started. Some are even more helpful than the Internet!!
Marine Aquarium Equipment and Livestock
We have been helping the home aquariasts in South Florida for 16 years. We specialize in quality specimens for individuals and public aquaria.


Miami Aqua-culture, Inc provides a full range of services. From feasibility studies to equipment and supplies to trans-shipping your live product, we're your one stop source. If it pertains to aquaculture, aquaria or marine parks and reserves, we can help.
Purchasing Agent

Ready to purchase equipment or supplies? Whether you know what you want, or need our advice, we can get virtually anything for you. Because of our excellent relationships with suppliers we can often sell products for less than you would pay buying direct. Not to mention the convenience of making only one call to the one source for ALL your aquaculture needs.


Miami Aqua-culture, Inc. specializes in trans-shipping live fish and crustaceans. This includes Customs clearances, preparation of shipping documents, livestock holding, re-aeration and / or repacking, USDA health certificates and many other services.  For shipments to or from South America, Central America, Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean our services can mean the difference between dead animals and a successful shipment.


We can assist you from the point of beginning to consider aquaculture as a business all the way through to shipping your product. Miami Aqua-culture, Inc. offers a complete range of consulting services to our clients. Contact us with your site evaluations, business plans, and product consultation needs. With the help of associated experts, we can even design, build and manage your farm, hatchery, public aquarium or marine park.

Contact us for all your aquaculture needs:

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