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---- NEW BOOKS ----

1. Freshwater Prawn Culture Edited by New & Valenti

2. Marine Fishes by Scott Michael

* Excellent photos of all species covered for easy identification.
* Includes information on fish size, range, foods & feeding, suitability to aquarium life, reef aquarium compatability, and captive care notes for listed species.
*448 Pages.

3. The Ecology of Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents by Cindy Lee Van Dover

* Geological and chemical make up of the hydrothermal systems and plumes
* Microbial Ecology
* Symbiosis
* Physiological Ecology
* Reproductive Ecology
* Community Dynamics
* Evolution and Biogeography
* Cognate Communities covering specific sites in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
* Hydrothermal Systems and the Origin of Life - Explores the possibility that life on Earth may have originated at hydrothermal vents.
* 424 Pages

4. Artificial Reef Evaluation with Application to Natural Marine Habitats Edited by William Seaman, Jr.

* Reviews methods used in monitoring and assessing physical, biological, and economic components of artificial reefs in coastal and oceanic waters
* Provides practical benchmarks for judging reef "success" and assessing the value of different research capabilities
* Addresses the field of aquatic habitat technology with in-depth case studies of typical reef evaluation procedures.
* 272 Pages

5. Seagrasses - Monitoring, Ecology, Physiology, and Management by Stephen Bortone

* 28 original research and review chapters covering scientific as well as management topics.
* Organized around four major themes: Ecology and Physiology, Monitoring and Trends, Management, and Restoration.
* Conveys new assessment methods and data analysis techniques.
* Serves as a thorough guide to which estuarine resource managers can refer when seeking guidance or clarification on management / monitoring issues regarding seagrasses.
* 336 Pages

6. Cryopreservation in Aquatic Species Edited by Terrence R. Tiersch & Patricia M. Mazik

* 55 chapters by 68 authors
* Basics for the collection and maintenance of high-quality gametes.
* Technical information on the full spectrum of cryopresrvation related research activities.
* Explores cryopreservation's role in other genetics related research.
* 439 Pages

7. Sustainable Fisheries Management: Pacific Salmon

* 752 Pages


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